Stanley Dundee

Enquiries by Stanley Dundee

The purpose of this site is to enquire into the possibilities of post-capitalist society and to consider paths for getting there that minimize suffering and disruption. Most of the work here is in the form of enquiries, which are meant to evolve and adapt as knowledge advances.

The most ambitious enquiry to date is certainly Getting Money Right, in which I offer my efforts to the MMT project of remaking the conventional wisdom on money. There's lots to explore in that essay and the background material I've collected in support. Work continues, and indeed is even more timely today (2019-02-13), as the efforts of freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) towards the introduction of a Green New Deal have brought MMT to public attention (with attendant exploding heads among hard money revanchists). Hoping to opine on that shortly: perhaps, an MMT says compendium of misrepresentations of MMT?

A recent and actively ongoing enquiry into the political activity of good looking, youngish, articulate politicians vaguely promising whatever it is you want to hear. Neoliberal to the core. Utterly in service to the plutocracy. Obama. Macron. Trudeau. I call them Macronies. Don't be taken in!

A quartet of short enquiries that seem to belong together. Lies proposes the rather shocking principal that negation of most of what you hear from Establishment mouthpieces will bring you closer to the truth. Respect briefly urges liberals to put aside the tribal hate for their fellow citizens (a.ka. deplorables) in the interest of uniting to take on the real enemy. Argument proposes certain standards of discourse that contribute to mutually rewarding discussion in which winning is deprecated in contradistinction to illumination.